Got Gas? E85 biofuels tank project complete

  • Published
  • By Robins Public Affairs
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
An E85 biofuels tank project, which has been ongoing since December 2009, is finally complete and the 12,000-gallon above-ground tank recently serviced its first official customer.

The tank is located in the storage area beside Bldg. 194, and is for use by government vehicles only. The push to get the fuel tank installed was spurred by an executive order calling for military installations to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

This order mandates a 15 percent reduction in fossil fuel usage by 2015, using the fossil fuel usage numbers in 2005 as the baseline. Currently, government vehicles need to leave the installation and travel about six miles to fill up with E85 fuel.

By installing the E85 tank on base, it allows all government vehicles which use E85 to save gas, eliminating the six-mile trip to get fuel.