Quality Assurance Office ensures processes, products meet Air Force standards

  • Published
  • By Joseph Mather
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Quality Assurance is a vital mission during the planned/scheduled depot level maintenance of aircraft with the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.

The WR-ALC Quality Assurance Office performs process and product surveillance within the 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group by ensuring aircraft components are in compliance to Air Force technical and regulatory standards.

Bradley Braden, WR-ALC Quality Assurance Office supervisor, said a quality assurance surveillance plan, or QASP is created for each quarter.

“Our QA Office conducts its mission by sampling the processes and products produced by the 402nd CMXG using the QASP,” he said. “It identifies the different types and numbers of assessments that will be performed monthly for the entire quarter and is approved by both the QA Office and the 402nd CMXG leadership before implementation.” 

Braden said the QA Office monitors processes for a variety of components, and its mission is vital to the maintenance process.

“We conduct surveillance on a multitude of different weapon system products and processes that the 402nd CMXG provides directly to the warfighter here at Robins and their customers in the supply chain,” said Braden. “Ensuring the process and products conform to the technical data requirements and standards and the safety and regulatory requirements are being met is very important to the overall mission.”

The two WR-ALC QA Offices supporting the 402nd CMXG, have 24 quality assurance specialist providing assessment information to leadership daily.

“The QASs have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct assessments in the areas they surveil due to them previously having hands-on experience themselves in those shops,” he said. “This allows the QAS to work with other subject matter experts, process engineers and production leadership daily when issues arise to identify the root cause of the situation and apply proper corrective and preventive actions to eliminate future events.” 

The office also conducts investigations on deficiencies. According to Braden, The Deficiency Reporting, Investigation and Resolution process is a great process for communication across the field.

“The DRI&I is used by the Air Force to identify and report deficiencies for investigation and resolve,” he said. “All information about the process and product is captured and uploaded into the Joint Deficiency Reporting System.

“It promotes the ability to identify and correct the deficiencies before they impact the mission capability, and it provides feedback to the warfighters and other users in the field using a single system,” he continued. “Sharing this information in JDRS enables users the opportunities to improve processes and products at their level.”

The QA Office mission is to provide valuable data to the 402nd CMXG leadership, said Braden, a snapshot in time of their processes.

“Anytime our office identifies an issue, it allows the 402nd CMXG an opportunity to improve the process before delivery to the customer,” he said. “We work together to one common goal –to ensure the customer receives a quality product on time and in the safest way possible by those who produce it.”

Branden said the WR-ALC QA Office conducts sampling inspections on products, processes, and personnel to validate compliance.

“We provide the results to group leadership daily, weekly and monthly,” he said. “Our office is also the focal point of contact with vendors who provide services and products to 402nd CMXG, and those customers of CMXG products and services should a non-conforming issue arise. 

“In the end we are all on the same team to support the warfighter and the mission.”