Security Forces Defender breathes new life into augmentee program

  • Published
  • By Joseph Mather
  • Robins Public Affairs

The 78th Security Forces Squadron Training Section ensures base Defenders are fully qualified and capable of defending Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, in all situations.

One instructor brought new life to the SFS Augmentee Program to bolster their numbers in time of crisis.

Staff Sgt. Ginger Kim, 78th SFS Training Section lead instructor said, the augmentee program trains Airmen from across the base to conduct installation entry control duties.

“In the event of an increase in local force protection conditions, these personnel will be utilized to resolve manning shortages created by those events,” she said. “Additionally, it helps heighten security while maintaining base missions.”

Kim said it’s been an ongoing process for approximately eight months.

“We began planning the augmentee program in September 2021, and implementation was official in January 2022,” she said. “Now we have 50 plus Airmen in the program from across the base, which include three wings and two mission partners.”

Kim said the augmentees receive various types of training.

“We train them using the virtual reality system for arming and use-of-force scenarios,” she said. “The augmentees also learn less-than-lethal tactics where they need to demonstrate proper baton strikes along with defensive tactics.

“The scenarios give them the ability to perform in a stress-induced training environment where they develop a ‘never out of the fight’ type of mindset,” she continued.

Kim was recognized for her work.

“Staff Sgt Ginger Kim was coined by Chief Master Sgt. Carlos Labrador, 78th ABW Command chief, for the hard work and dedication she devoted into reviving the 78th ABW Augmentee Program after the program ran stagnant six years,” said Chief Master Sgt. Steven Young, 78th SFS senior enlisted leader.

Maj. Kenneth Canty-Lane, 78th SFS commander, said it’s always an honor to be recognized by the command chief.

“The program is vital to ensuring we have the adequate number of forces available if the base needs to increase its defense posture,” he said. “It gives a sense of accomplishment to the team when their hard work is recognized.”

Kim said watching the broken program come back to life has been rewarding.

“I am honored and grateful to have been chosen to help stand up a program that benefits the mission and build relationships with Airmen across the base,” she said.

If you are interested in becoming a Security Forces augmentee, contact your unit superintendent for more details.