Throwback Thursday - Dec. 30, 2021

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  • Robins Public Affairs

“Every Day in Middle Georgia Is Armed Forces Appreciation Day.”

U.S. Army veteran Dr. Dan Callahan, who originally coined the phrase in 1968, passed away in December 2016. He served during World War II and the Philippine Liberation Campaign, and volunteered as a physician during Vietnam.

Dr. Callahan was a staunch supporter of Robins AFB and the military within the local community, being involved with many organizations bettering Middle Georgia. Some of his recognitions for his work included, the 1991 Warner Robins ALC Citizen of the Year and being inducted as a Life Member of the Reserve Officer’s Association.

*EDIMGIAFAD originally stood for “Air Force” but underwent changes over the years to eventually settle on “Armed Forces” in 2008 to salute all men and women in uniform.*