Keeping up with 78th LRS Mobility Center

  • Published
  • By Tommie Horton
  • Robins Public Affairs

The 78th Logistics Readiness Squadron Mobility Center has undergone many changes over the past few years to increase the efficiency as processing service members undergoing deployments.

According to Lt. Col. Russell Chance, 78th LRS commander, the 78th LRS has tripled their power projection capabilities of their mobility center through a $4.7 million renovation project in Building 127 at Robins Air Force Base.

“The project allowed us the opportunity to tailor the building to our process as opposed to making our process fit into the building we were given,” said Chance.

The unit took the opportunity to optimize elements such as flow and spacing to improve their processes. The center is now capable of holding 400 passengers and can push through close to 1,200 passengers in a 24-hour period. Prior to making the renovations, they could only move about one-third of that, according to Chance.

In addition to deploying Airmen stationed at Robins, the mobility center also supports aggregated passengers coming from all over the southeast. The center has to be able to support a large number of passengers from other installations all coming to Robins to board aircraft to deploy.

“Combatant commanders can now count on the fact that Robins can meet the demand signal to push personnel through, get on the airlift and get to the fight,” said Chance.

When activated, operations at the mobility center are a whole 78th Air Base Wing effort with several units involved.

The 78th Force Support Squadron is responsible for personnel processing to include validating and making sure everyone is eligible for travel. The 78th Medical Group is there to ensure that everyone is medically eligible with up-to-date records. Members from the Airmen and Family Readiness Center are there to provide support from a family perspective. The chaplain and legal team are also there providing support.

Everything is organized and laid out to allow all of the moving parts and various organizations to operate seamlessly together.

While making improvements, consideration was even given to passenger comfort. Restrooms in the passenger holding area are equipped with showers.

“By tailoring our building to the process as opposed to stuffing our process into the building, we’ve tripled our ability to push personnel and cargo from Robins to wherever it’s needed,” said Chance. “Now the mobility center is basically challenging the airlift to keep up with us.”


Editor's Note: Pictures were captured before Department of Defense mask mandate was put into place for all people utilizing DOD buildings.