WIP preps Airmen for fitness assessment, builds their basic strength, cardiovascular endurance

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs

Everyone could use a little help reaching their goals sometimes.

The Warrior Improvement Program, formerly known as the Fitness Improvement Program, at the Robins Air Force Base Fitness Center, aims to help Airmen prepare for their fitness assessment, while building their basic strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Patrick Stone, installation exercise physiologist in the 78th Force Support Squadron, said the program’s new name was chosen to reflect how Airmen should be viewed – as the ‘warriors’ they are.

The WIP is one step in the process of building an Airman’s fitness level, Stone said.

“It is both a way to prepare for the fitness assessment and build basic strength and cardiovascular fitness,” he said. “This will allow the progression to more advanced training programs we make available to all Airmen.”

Stone said the program, which is held at the base’s old gymnasium in Building 827 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7 a.m., is about getting Airmen accustomed to how the fitness test works for optimal success.

“Training specificity is a big deal when building any training program,” he said. “The concept behind WIP is to acclimatize the Airmen to the components of the fitness assessment. It involves concentration on the calisthenics and it runs on a repetitive schedule. The Airmen get good at the test and gain that basic fitness needed to progress to the intermediate and advanced training we offer in the Warrior Athlete Program.”

Additionally, Robins Fitness Center is teaming with the 78th Medical Group to provide what Stone called a ‘Human Performance Hub’ for Airmen.

“Twice weekly, all Airmen in the Warrior Improvement Program and the Warrior Athlete Program have access to the dietician, Health Promotions coordinator, and a physical therapist,” he said. These resources are invaluable to the Airmen and will make a difference in their performance during training.”

Stone said the program has helped Airmen have great fitness test results.

“In the five years I have been running the program, we have had over 400 participants and an over 99% test success rate, with almost 72% of that 99% scoring excellent,” he said. “The program is successful because of its simplicity and the effort of those Airmen involved.”

While some Airmen are referred to the program by their command leadership, Stone said most participants join the program voluntary.

 “Enrollment is pretty simple,” he said. “The Airmen just show up and begin training.”

Stone said he and his fellow fitness center staff members are available to help Airmen on their fitness journey.

“We are passionate about the success of the Airmen we see in our training programs,” he said. “We are here to offer our resources to every military member on the base. Don’t wait. Come see me or David Yann, Fitness Program coordinator at the fitness center, as soon as possible and we will get you moving in the right direction to achieve your fitness goals.”

For more information on the Warrior Improvement Program, call the Robins Fitness Center at 478-926-2128.