Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex: a culture of success

  • Published
  • By Joseph Mather
  • Robins Public Affairs

The 561st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, F-15 Systems Program Office and 402nd Software Engineering Group are teaming together to develop a test program that will reduce program depot maintenance time with the F-15 aircraft.

The Art of the possible methodology provides the right way to achieve the right results,” said Kahn Wahl, 561st AMXS production flight chief. “Utilizing the AoP method proved its worth most recently in fiscal year 2020, aiding the 561st AMXS to produce 26 aircraft.

The AoP is a constraints based management system designed to create an environment for success by creating a culture of problem-solvers.

“AoP enables us to have a better understanding of our processes and identify the constraints that prevent us from operating better, faster and cheaper,” said Wahl.

Wahl said, the use of AoP has improved their efficiency in every area.

“Art of the Possible is not what we do rather it is how we do everything,” he said. “It is both a philosophy and a methodology that enables us as a team to achieve significant results while being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

Wahls’s team is applying the same principle to the F-15 aircraft radar modernization program modification.

“The team is working with software engineering to prototype test cables for the automatic wire test set,” said Wahl. “This will expedite the continuity checks that validate all replaced and existing wiring is in working order. The team is working to reduce the flow days from an average of 65 down to 50 days.”

With the work being done quicker there will be cost savings to the Air Force.

“They are currently testing the program on one of our jets and when successfully completed will save us about five days and 120 man-hours per aircraft and upwards of 80 flow-days and 2,000 man-hours this year,” said Jimmy Kelly, 561st AMXS director.  “It will also save us countless hours in pinpointing discrepancies and will enable us to hand a more reliable aircraft to the next gate.”

With the mission of providing safe, reliable, combat ready aircraft, on time at a reasonable cost by creating an environment for our people to succeed, the 561st AMXS is keeping our country and her allies in the fight.

“Our success is the foundation of the warfighter's success, whether it is ensuring our nation's nuclear deterrent, maintaining air supremacy, fueling the fight, or delivering hope and saving lives,” said Wahl. “Our warriors in combat cannot succeed without the air, space and cyberspace capabilities of the Air Force. Enhancing the F-15E Strike Eagle’s systems is just one more facet ensuring the security of America and its allies.”