New first sergeant has passion for helping people

  • Published
  • By Daryl Mayer, AFLCMC Public Affairs

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFLCMC) – Senior Master Sgt. Elise Phillips is the new First Sergeant for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. 
In the Air Force, first sergeant isn’t a rank but a special duty designation for a senior NCO entrusted by the commander to ensure the enlisted force of the organization is trained and ready to perform the mission.  In other words, the First Sergeant takes care of Airmen.
It is a great fit for Phillips who was a care giver as a radiology technician prior to becoming a first sergeant.
“I have a passion to take care of people, so patients and my Airmen,” said Phillips, in a recent episode of Leadership Log podcast.  “I was really excited to jump at the opportunity of becoming a first sergeant and continue to take care of people from various career fields.” 
With more than 2.5 years’ experience in the role, Phillips said while her job is the same, being the first sergeant for a center as widespread as AFLCMC is different. 
“I’m still here to take care of people even if they are at other detachments across the United States or maybe even overseas.”
When Phillips was first offered the job, she turned to the internet to learn more about AFLCMC. 
“I would also tell you Google really doesn’t give as much insight as going around and actually talking to people and visiting their workcenters to really understand and wrap my head around our mission and what this organization does.”
Often Phillips will return an email with a phone call to create a better and more personal connection.  Staying engaged, she said, is even more vital during the ongoing pandemic. 
“If folks are teleworking, I’m relying on supervisors to keep in contact with people and filtering any concerns or updates like having babies, just all those important milestones that are occurring,” she said.  “It’s not impossible to stay connected, just a little difficult.”
To listen to the full Leadership Log episode with Phillips, you can watch on YouTube or search “Leadership Log” on your favorite podcast player.