402nd AMXG keeps our warfighters flying

  • Published
  • By Joseph Mather
  • Robins Public Affairs

The Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex provides depot maintenance, engineering support and software development for a variety aircraft and weapon systems to keep the warfighter flying.

The depot maintenance process on some systems can take months, even years to complete, but the 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group industrial engineers are improving the process.

“Industrial engineers support production leadership in the design, analysis, improvement, and monitoring of the production process flow,” said Shellie Barnett, 402nd AMXG supervisory general engineer. “This also includes the design and layout of equipment, materials, and workspace to maximize efficiency.”

Barnett said industrial engineers determine the most effective ways to use the basic functions of production and energy to make a product, provide a service, and improve work flow processes.

“When it comes to sustainment, industrial engineers provide the tools and processes to evaluate data produced by the production machine to determine the true constraints of the system and effectively address them,” she said.

Engineering teams were formed to provide a variety of expertise.

“We currently organize our teams into integrated process teams,” said Barnett. “These teams consist of an industrial engineer, an equipment engineer, a facility engineer, an engineering technician, and an analyst. Each of the production squadrons have a team assigned to coordinate efforts and focus on process requirements.”

With an industrial engineer on each team, issues can be identified and processes can be refined.

“Industrial engineers are more than capable of managing industrial production processes, human factors issues, inventory control, plan and establish sequence of operations, and production coordination,” said Barnett.

The industrial engineer also provides mission-essential details for decision making.

 “They estimate cost savings and avoidances, the effects of production changes both positive and negative for the mission, work with production to reduce variability, and communicate with leadership,” said Barnett.

Barnett said their goal is to provide concentrated efforts to complete mission requirements.

“Solutions are often a team effort,” she said. “Incorporating mission partners to provide facility, equipment, or materials required to complete often complex projects necessary to complete the production mission.”

Industrial engineers are a crucial asset.

“Having this ability is critical to the Air Force’s success in maintaining aircraft for the warfighter,” Barnett said.

Having an industrial engineer on the 402nd AMXG integrated process team benefits sustainment mission.

“The industrial engineers ability to plan and organize, their interest in technical work and working closely with people, provide an optimal environment for collaboration and success for the Air Force,” said Barnett. “The benefit to the warfighter is the return of an asset on time consistently.”