Civil Engineers: Clean lakes are priceless

  • Published
  • By Joseph Mather
  • Robins Public Affairs

Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, lakes are getting cleaned at no cost to the Air Force.

The 78th Civil Engineer Group collaborated with local organizations to clean debris from the Duck, Luna and Scout Lakes June 22 setting up a path for locals to achieve personal goals within their organizations.

The lakes are part of an extensive storm water drainage system that serves the City of Warner Robins, as well as Robins AFB. 

“I was asked to help come up with potential ideas for conservation related service projects,” said Louis Lilley, 78th CEG deputy. “Since I work on Robins AFB, I immediately thought to ask Jacob Tuttle, the Robins Air Force Base Installation Natural Resources manager for ideas.” 

For this instance, Tuttle identified several projects that fulfill local Scouts’ merit badge requirement while supporting the mission and goals at Robins AFB.

The storage of water and the capacity to hold excess storm water drainage has many ecological and societal benefits.

“A fully functioning, well maintained storm water drainage system is priceless,” said Tuttle. “It also greatly contributes to the health and well-being of our Airmen, through improved aesthetics and providing quality natural areas for physical fitness and recreational activities.”

According to Tuttle, depending on the amount of debris found, each lake takes approximately an hour to clean.

“Unfortunately, litter and other debris from multiple sources end up in our storm water drainage system,” said Tuttle. “When this debris accumulates, it has negative impacts on all of these benefits.”

The base and scouts benefited from this conservation project.

“This saves the base from spending man hours or contract funds to clean the waterways,” said Lilley. “A secondary benefit for the base is general base appearance, as the lakes are part of our recreational community support areas for boating and fishing.

Tuttle agreed.

“Being part of the lake clean up means you are taking pride in your community and improving your surroundings for everyone’s benefit,” said Tuttle.