78th MDG gets under your skin

  • Published
  • By Tommie Horton
  • Robins Public Affairs

The 78th Medical Group Beneficiary Clinic will be launching an in-house dermatology procedure clinic in the month of July. Procedures conducted at the new clinic are expected to minimize delays in patient treatment.

Because of their demanding schedules, the clinic previously could not accommodate patients in need of the skin biopsy procedures. Those patients would have to be referred to a dermatology specialist off-base which would indirectly cause a delay in patient care.

Having biopsies done in-house, the clinic expects to have patients further along in their treatment in the time that it would have taken for them to see off-base specialists.

Although there is a wide range of conditions they’d like to accommodate for, the majority of the procedures will consist of things such as mole and skin tag removal, or any type of growth or lesion that is bothering the patient.  

“We’re all about accommodating our patients and we really just want to take care of them better,” said Tech. Sgt. Yvette Martinez, 78th MDG Beneficiary Clinic flight chief.