52nd Combat Communications Squadron reveals its Flexible Communications Package

  • Published
  • By Joseph Mather
  • Robins Public Affairs

The 52nd Combat Communications Squadron revealed the Air Force’s first Flexible Communications Package at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, June 12.

The FCP system can be rapidly deployed in a short notice anywhere in the world. The system can be operated by a 22-person team and can provide Air Force network access, and internet and phone service to approximately 1,000 users.

“Last year we started with a gigantic communications package of nine pallets,” said Capt. Adam Frew, 52nd CBCS Flexible Communications Package Team lead. “The FCP team came together in a huge feat of team work and innovation and got the package down to half the size.”

The older, larger commination package took a C-17 aircraft to move, now the FCP can fit on a C-130, a smaller and more agile aircraft.

“The FCP is a sustainable package that can go anywhere without resources and be set up from scratch,” said Frew. “We will have our own power, heating ventilation and cooling system, and provide satellite communications back to where we need to communicate.”

The FCP system replaces the large and medium communications packages.

“I appreciate the work that has gone into making sure the new modernized equipment can be migrated into our battle flow and battle rhythm,” Lt. Col. Derick Huber, 52nd CBCS commander.

The new smaller FCP allows rapid network, internet and phone service.

“It’s all about size, weight and power,” said Col. David Hillman, 5th Combat Communications Group commander. “If we can get it small enough – if we can reduce that foot print – we can get that much more on an aircraft. This is the future of our community.”

“What a great job, you all are paving the way for the entire global community, making it better for them,” Hillman said at the unveiling. “Thank you, great job, incredible work, keep it up!”