Helping our own: Robins’ AFAF Campaign to collect donations March 16 – April 24

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs

As a family, the Air Force is known for taking care of its own.

The Air Force Assistance Fund is an annual effort to raise funds for the charities that provide support to  Air Force family members, including active duty, retirees, reservists, guard and their dependents, including surviving spouses, who are in need.

The campaign, which will kick off March 16 and run through April 24, generously supports four charities; the Air Force Aid Society, the General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation, the Air Force Enlisted Village and the Air Force Village Charitable Foundations.  These charities consistently care for Airman and their families during times of deployment, financial stress, natural disasters, and individual and family emergencies.  No other campaign is strictly “For Airman, By Airman.”

Robins aims to raise $66,494 during its 2020 AFAF Campaign.

Capt. Kimberly Hofschneider, Airfield Operations Flight commander in the 78th Operations Support Squadron, who is the installation project officer for the 2020 AFAF Campaign, said the campaign is a great way to care for one another.

“It’s important to donate to the AFAF Campaign to continue our long tradition of “Taking Care of Our Own,” she said. “Wherever Airmen and their families are, the AFAF charities are there, too, from entry through retirement and beyond.”

Hofschneider said while anyone can support the AFAF, only U.S Air Force active-duty, Guard and Reserve Airmen and U.S Air Force retirees may be solicited for donations.

“The Air Force understands that many civilian employees may have a personal reason to support the AFAF Campaign,” she said. “These donations are unsolicited but accepted and appreciated.”

People now have three ways to donate to the AFAF: E-Giving, payroll deduction plan allotments or Cash, which includes checks and money orders.

Midpoint fundraisers will be available across the installation, and a bookend event will wrap up the campaign April 24.

People should monitor Robins’ Facebook page and contact their units’ campaign representative about the local AFAF Campaign as more information becomes available.

“The AFAF is an important way to strengthen our wingman culture and legacy,” Hofschneider said. “Everyone’s support reaches Airmen and their loved ones around the world. As Team Robins knows best, “We’re Better Together.”

2020 AFAF Key Workers
Area Code 478

78th Air Base Wing
Master Sgt. Daniel Vargas: 222-0559
Tech. Sgt. Rebekah Noah: 327-2612
Airman 1st Class Rosa Rodriguez-Perez: 222-0555
Airman Andrew Bunda: 327-2612
Master Sgt. Timothy Jones: 926-3507
Airman 1st Class Amariah Tackett: 926-4022
Airman 1st Class Makaila Cooper: 926-4462
Master Sgt. Kristal Lane: 222-0794
Senior Master Sgt.: Kim Elliott: 327-5523
Master Sgt. Kristofer Snedecor: 327-3959
Master Sgt. Terrell Smith: 926-3771

78th Mission Support Group
Tech. Sgt. Evan Farmer: 926-2187
Staff Sgt. Hunter Jones:  926-4588
Staff Sgt. John Greenberg: 926-3493
Staff Sgt. Karolanne Wheeler: 926-2343
Staff Sgt. Brittany Gadsden: 926-4628
Senior Airman Madison Brown: 926-4403
Airman 1st Class Zykia Campbell: 926-7634
Airman 1st Class Dylan Stinner: 926-2113
Airman Basic Samantha Van Niekerk: 327-7354
Airman 1st Class Leah Wells: 327-3436
Tamika White: 926-5901
Maryann Goings: 222-9823

78th Air Base Wing Communications Directorate
Master Sgt. Judy Cortez: 327-6738
Senior Airman Kevin Cisneros: 926-6506
Senior Airman Spencer Haddock: 222-0088
Senior Airman Posedion Roberson: 926-8155
Senior Airman Arleyna Cowell: 926-8100
Airman 1st Class Kevyn Otero: 926-4059
Airman 1st Class David Brown: 926-0066

78th Medical Group
Staff Sgt. Joseph Richardson: 327-8201
Senior Airman Jamescia Johnson: 327-8056
Senior Airman Jejomar Teleb: 327-8023
Airman 1st Class Jacob Duty: 327-8040
Airman 1st Class Adrian Burrus: 327-8325
Senior Airman Brittany Arnold: 327-7936
Airman 1st Class Denisha Jennings: 327-7774
Senior Airman Jamia Dials: 327-7774

78th Operations Support Squadron
Staff Sgt. Sean Traynor: 926-3814
Senior Airman Noah Chapman: 926-6003
Senior Airman Brenna Walsh: 926-3573
Airman 1st Class Victoria Berkeley: 926-0235

78th Civil Engineer Group
Staff Sgt. Mark Englett: 327-6107
Staff Sgt. Jonathanquinn Caasi: 327-8885
Senior Airman Jacquelyn Clark: 327-8901

461st Air Control Wing
Capt. Kenneth Wilson: 201-1986

Air Force Sustainment Center
2nd Lt. Sean Conroy: 926-4730

Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex
Master Sgt. Allen Michaels: 926-4752

Air Force Reserve Command
Senior Master Sgt. Orlando Ruiz: 327-1112