PRIDE Revealed: A Commander’s Commentary

  • Published
  • By Col. Brian Moore
  • 78th Air Base Wing commander

Since taking over as commander about six months ago, I have promoted a philosophy to help transform Team Robins’ culture into one focused on PRIDE. Pride represents various things to different people, but for Team Robins it means integrating for success, because We Are Better Together!

The military loves acronyms. Many are well known. I’m confident the one I’m sharing with you today is simple and unforgettable. PRIDE stands for: P for People, R for Readiness, I for Innovation, D for Drive and E for Excellence. These five emphasis areas make up a foundation Team Robins will build upon and use to attain every partner’s mission objectives.

Team Robins’ Total Force Airmen can relate to this word because of the pride they exhibit in the work they accomplish for the nation each and every day. But, what does PRIDE specifically mean for you as a member of Team Robins? To illustrate how the “PRIDE” principle works for everyone and touches everything we do, here are some examples:


The Air Force has some of the best, most highly trained people in the world. Without them we could not accomplish the mission. As we team together to serve our nation, I want to reiterate the importance of a PRIDE culture by emphasizing that our most valuable asset is people. We need to train, mentor, and enable first line supervisors and take care of families.


Readiness is key to accomplishing our Air Force mission, which is to “Fly, Fight & Win!” The Air Force has embraced innovation as a way to enhance our readiness and the PRIDE components will help us reinvigorate our readiness mindset – whether it is through providing resilient installation support, or enabling mission partners to produce and employ ready weapon systems.


Innovation is a key part of the Air Force’s vision statement; “The World’s Greatest Air Force - Powered by Airmen, Fueled by Innovation.” At Robins, we’re creating an environment that promotes teamwork and fosters innovation. This will help us modernize and transform to meet emerging threats. We must press on with continuous improvement methods to remain a cut above any potential foe.


This is similar to motivation or ambition. For Robins, it means we are driven to be integrated as one team, including all units on the base and the local community. As we move forward with PRIDE, as our shared aim, we’re committed to each other’s success, proving We Are Better Together!


Just as E is the final letter of PRIDE, excellence is foundational in achieving success. In the big picture, our core value of “excellence” directs us to develop a sustained passion and drive for continuous improvement and innovation, propelling Team Robins into a long-term, upward spiral of accomplishment and performance.

We will be deliberate and purposeful in what we prioritize to do together to ensure success of all mission partners and members of the local community. All of us need to model excellence. Leaders, supervisors and wingmen can cultivate an attitude of excellence by “doing.” Being a role model for excellence will help others develop into the best they can be.

As we grow our culture of People, Readiness, Innovation, Drive and Excellence, Robins will continue being a premier base and become a benchmark for other installations to emulate.

Externally, we are fortunate to have such a supportive community. Our community is phenomenal and like no other. As we pursue our PRIDE culture together with our Middle Georgia friends, I’m confident it will enhance an already enviable community relationship.

As the community lives by the motto, “Every Day in Middle Georgia Is Armed Forces Appreciation Day,” we should let the community know that “Every Day at Robins AFB is Middle Georgia Appreciation Day!

It is an honor and privilege to be a Team Robins Airman.  Robins Proud!