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Robins Tax Center information for 2019 tax season

Graphic is a flyer with information on the Robins Tax Center. Same information is in the news story.

The Robins Tax Center will be open Feb. 10, 2020, for active duty, guard and reserve members, along with retirees with a $69,000 or less adjusted gross income.


The Robins Tax Center will be open from Feb. 10 through April 10 at Building 708 on 7th Street.

Hours for the tax center will be:
- Mondays from 8 a.m. until noon
- Wednesdays from noon until 4 p.m.
- Fridays from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m.

To be eligible to use the tax center, you must be either active duty, guard, or reserve, or a retiree with $69,000 or less adjusted gross income. Additional restrictions may apply depending on how complex the returns are.

The center will have self-service kiosks for use as first come, first serve. Volunteers will be present only to answer questions, not to prepare taxes.

Documents needed to prepare tax returns (if applicable) are:
- W-2
- 1099-R
- 1098-T
- Interest/Dividend/Brokerage Statements
- Dependent Care Statements
- Mortgage Interest Statements
- Rental Property Statements
- Last Year's Tax Return

Alternative resources for those not able to use the tax center are Military OneSource -- www.militaryonesource.mil -- or the IRS -- www.irs.gov.

For any questions about the tax center, please call Capt. Marco Specoli at (478) 222-0560 or email at marco.specoli.1@us.af.mil, or you can call the Legal Assistance Office at (478) 926-9276.