STORMWATER STRAIGHT TALK: What is your potential to pollute stormwater?

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Stormwater consists of rain water that runs over the ground and discharges directly into creeks, streams, rivers and lakes. As the water runs over the ground, it can pick up pollutants such as trash and debris, oil and grease, nutrients from fertilizers and pathogens from animal waste. Use these questions to see what your potential to pollute stormwater may be, and ways that you could reduce your potential. The more questions you can answer “yes” to, the cleaner our stormwater stays.



- Do you use caution when changing your oil or fluids to avoid spills?

- Do you use absorbents, such as kitty litter, to clean any spills that may occur?

- Do you wash your car at a car wash that treats the wash water?

- Do you keep your car maintained to avoid leaks?

- Do you collect trash generated in the car and place it in a lidded dumpster?



- Do you pick up your pet’s waste and place bagged waste in a lidded garbage can?



- Do you sweep patios, driveways and sidewalks, rather than using a hose or power washing?

- Do you properly apply fertilizer and pesticides according to the manufacturer’s instructions?

- Do you avoid using fertilizer and pesticides when rain is anticipated?

- Do you cover exposed soil with mulch or grass?

- Do you pick up and properly dispose of yard waste and debris?

- Do you maintain your irrigation system to ensure water is not running off into streets rather than the landscape?

- Are your downspouts pointed away from pervious surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, and roads?

- Do you have a rain garden with native plant species?



- Do you dispose of trash and debris in a lidded container?

- Do you dispose of chemicals, such as paint and cleaning products, safely according to manufacturer instructions?

- Do you maintain your septic system, if you have one?

- Do you avoid placing oils, greases or wipes that are labeled “flushable” in sinks or toilets to avoid pipe damage and leaks?


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Stormwater Straight Talk is a quarterly column intended to educate and inform base personnel and families about stormwater management.