Changes at Robins Post Office

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs

Some of Robins’ storefront mailing service conveniences will soon end, at least for now.

The Contracted Postal Unit, which has provided a service to purchase stamps, money orders, or to mail out letters, flats or parcels, in addition to providing 100 rental mail boxes, or P.O. Boxes, will end its contract on June 29.

David Curley, former 78th Force Support Squadron director, said the CPU service is not a requirement of the U.S Postal Service, it’s an independent contracted operation similar to a UPS or FedEx store.

“As far as mailing packages, purchasing stamps, and P.O. Box rental, base personnel can do that at the Warner Robins post office located on 904 Russell Parkway,” he said. “Money orders can be purchased in a lot of locations off base, or they can purchase cashier’s checks through banks or credit unions.”

Curley said the official mail services at Robins will remain the same.

“The 78th FSS official mail center will continue to operate as normal,” he said. “They will continue to receive personal mail for the dormitory residents and general delivery mail for the temporary customers awaiting on or off-base housing. They’ll continue to receive official mail (matters that are exclusively U.S government business).

“This doesn't affect the pickup of outgoing personal or official mail from the USPS contract driver.” Curley said.  “The Warner Robins post office personnel will continue to deliver mail to the cluster boxes in base housing.” 

Maj. Katherine Kuc, 78th FSS deputy director, said Robins is continuing to search for storefront vendors to sell stamps, money orders, mail packages and provide mail box rentals at the base.

Editor’s Note: David Curley recently moved on to another position outside of Robins.