Associate of Applied Science in AF Leadership and Management Studies

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Check out this great opportunity for Air Force civilians.

The Air Force is showing it values its workforce by offering and expanding developmental opportunities. Participation in an associate degree program opens up additional educational opportunities such as, but not limited to, Bachelor's Degree and Air Command and Staff College.  The Air Force recognizes education is very valuable, so this great opportunity can be accomplished at little to no cost for eligible Air Force civilians. The Air Force will provided funding for online classes provided by Air University. 

This degree is awarded by Air University and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 

The following What, Who, When, Why and How information is key to getting started on this great adventure! 


Application to the Associate of Applied Science in Air Force Leadership and Management Studies Program

Program Description: The program consists of a 60 credit hour program which is designed to be completed in two years via fully online format.  Each student will be

required to take 10 core classes through AU and 10 elective/ general education curriculum completed through funded credit by exam or transfer credit. Assignments vary from scheduled live classes, reading, and other assignments.  Students will be required to participate in scheduled webinar sessions.  Class times will vary from before, during and after duty day. Please note, this could also vary by geographic location.

Who (Criteria for Applications)

 Applicants must have:

* Status as a permanent full-time appropriated fund Air Force civilian in

any grade level. 

* Two years Federal civil service by the application deadline. 

* Acceptable rating on most recent performance appraisal. 

* High school diploma, GED or equivalent (May have some college credit, but must NOT have been awarded a post-secondary degree from a regionally

accredited 2 or 4-year institution).  

* Supervisor coordination with agreement to provide access to a government computer and up to 3 hours per week of duty time for class attendance

(subject to mission requirements).

 When (Announcement Dates)

 The window of application is through the annual year 2019 Civilian Development Education notification that was sent to all employees on March 1, 2018.  The closing date of the application window will be May 1, 2018.   

Why is this important?

Receiving an Associate of Applied Science in Air Force Leadership and Management Studies program benefits both the Air Force and the employee.  It offers the chance for the employee to advance to higher levels of learning and leadership positions and the AF benefits from the knowledge the employee receives. 

How (Application Process)

 Interested applicants should submit the following through the myPers website under Force Development during the application window (March 1- to May 1):

  • AF Form 4059.  (Section 2: AAS in AF Leadership and Management. Section 3b need not be filled in.) 
  • Applicant Worksheet 
  • Resume (see myPers for example of format)
  • Learning Agreement signed by employee and supervisor 

 When submitting application in myPers, please choose "CADP" as the program name.

Application forms can be found on myPers -

 Trifold for civilian Associate Degree program -

Frequently Asked Questions

 For more information about the course as well as how to apply, those interested can access the course fact sheet here: