UPDATE: Shutdown Information

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  • Robins Public Affairs

As many of you have seen, a deal appears imminent for the government to re-open.  Employees should not return to work until notified through command channels, after official guidance is received.  For bargaining unit employees the expectation is that they will return to work 12 hours from notification; for non-bargaining employees the expectation is that they will return within two hours, if there is time in the scheduled duty day.  For those on shift work, check with your supervisor for specific details


Further, it is still unclear how pay and leave may be impacted from the shutdown time; we'll continue to provide information as it becomes available.


We understand this has been distressing to our civilian teammates who are suffering through furlough again.  Every member of the Air Force team is critical to accomplishing our mission -- especially in AFMC!  Continue to be good wingmen and help each other through these uncertain times.