AFSC commander sends holiday message to Airmen

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  • Air Force Sustainment Center
Happy Holidays!

Fellow Airmen, 

As 2017 draws to a close, the holiday season offers us a time for reflection and celebration.  As we look back over the last twelve months, you should be enormously proud of your accomplishments.  Together, as one team, you produced 692 aircraft, 416 engines, over 289,000 commodities, and 750 software products, deployed equipment and people around the world,  and stood watch over our Air force. YOU are the engine of readiness and lethality for our Air Force.  None of this could be accomplished without all of us working as a cohesive team in every corner of our global enterprise.  I want to be clear – from my vantage point, you are heroes – putting the hardships of uncertain funding, challenging and often obsolete processes, and the global, unrelenting demand on our Air Force's capabilities your shoulders.  You have turned those hardships into boundless energy and innovations that sustain the best joint fighting force in the world.  

I encourage you to maintain our culture of being great wingmen while remembering those serving away from their families or perhaps struggling during this time of year.  Check in with your co-workers, your neighbors, and your family members and make sure they know how vital they are to the AF’s mission.  As our nation's servicemen and women engage in supporting our nation and its allies from the missile fields of Montana to the far fling reaches of our planet during this holiday season, keep them and their families foremost in your hearts and minds.  My greatest holiday wish for them is peace and a safe, speedy  return.  

Rhonda and I wish for you and yours a joyful holiday and a fantastic 2018.  As always, we are proud to serve alongside you, and look forward to the coming year as we continue to deliver unmatched combat power for America. 

Aim High!

Your fellow Airman,


Lieutenant General, USAF