Employee Assistance Program

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs

It doesn’t always take a beautiful view to take your mind away from the mission.

Relationship difficulties, parental concerns, and any even problems in the workplace can lure your mind away from productivity.

The Employee Assistance Program has a myriad of services to help you address life’s challenges and get you back on track.

Jamie Tillit, a licensed professional Counselor and EAP consultant at Robins, said the program offers a worksite-based, confidential assessment, referral and short-term consultative service for any personal problem that has a negative impact on work performance.

“The policy states six sessions are allowed per problem,” she said. “EAP consultants don’t diagnose or treat. This is considered consultative. If someone needs long-term psychiatric treatment, they’re referred to appropriate providers in the community.”

EAP more than counseling
The program’s consultants respond to units for critical incident response services when there is a traumatic event such as an employee death or major accident.

Additionally, qualified EAP professionals can provide health and wellness presentations to units who request workshops like stress management or anger management, many times these are done for VPP or wingman day events.

EAP also offers financial services: budgeting; planning for retirement; savings strategies; finding a local financial planner; selecting which credit card to pay off first; and investment strategies.

If legal woes are an issue, EAP offers local in-person attorney services, will preparation, online legal services and identity theft solutions.

EAP is also a tool for supervisors to better themselves as managers.
“Consultants provide management skills consultations to help managers become better equipped to deal with their subordinates, learn management skills and to clarify their strengths,” Tillit said.

The latest resource added to EAP is known as, WorkLife4You, and helps with the things directly tied to quality of life.

“Specialists will help employees find child care, senior care, fitness centers, schools, adoptions resources, home improvement professionals, pet care and more,” Tillit said. “There are free educational materials and online tools and information.”

All Robins civilian employees, including those in the Defense Logistics Agency and Defense Commissary Agency, as well as their household members are qualified to use EAP services.

“EAP helps keep our employees healthy by providing services for the emotional well-being as well as financial, legal and work/life responsibilities,” Tillit said. “If employees have less to worry about they will be more focused on work and more productive.”

What to Know
Employees can access EAP services by calling 1-800-222-0364 24/7 (TTY1-888-262-7848) or locally 478-327-7577. EAP resources are also available at the following sites: and