Volunteers step up for ALS renovation

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs

While Airmen were preparing themselves for future leadership roles, volunteers were decking the Staff Sgt. Felicia R. Rivers Airman Leadership School’s walls with a fresh coat of paint and mementos of the past.

It has been more than a decade since anyone has spruced up the school’s interior.

Master Sgt. Julian Colunga, co-lead project officer along with Master Sgt. Anthony Weiger for the ALS renovation, said in addition to instructor staff professionalism and curriculum, facility aesthetics play a role in a positive learning environment.

“The Rivers ALS building is showing its age and could use a facelift,” he said. “The classrooms and breakroom are sparsely decorated and there’s no consistent theme.”

Colunga said student surveys have routinely included comments on how painting and re-decorating the schoolhouse would increase their pride and commitment during their time at the ALS.

The two-phase project, which spans from July through September, involves committees and volunteers from several of Robins Air Force Base host units and private organizations, including the 78th Air Base Wing; 461st Air Control Wing; the 116th Air Control Wing; 5th Combat Communications Group; Air Force Sustainment Center; the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center; Air Force Lifecycle Management Center; Robins Top III; Robins Diamonds; and the Liberaiders 5/6.

Colunga said the ALS renovation project is a Robins Mission Partner sponsorship collaboration.

“The intent is for mission partners to sponsor flight rooms and other areas of the schoolhouse in an effort to improve the learning environment for all ALS students,” he said. “The first phase consists of prepping and painting the entire facility, to include trim work such as window frames and baseboards.  The second phase is decorating and integrating flight room themes created by the flight-room sponsors.  Although the entire facility is being renovated, the flight (class) rooms are a key aspect of the project.”

Primary host units will theme the rooms displaying their units’ heritage and contribution to the Robins mission. 

The ALS hosts more than 200 future leaders per year across six major commands and is the first professional military education experience for enlisted students.