Boil Water Advisory lifted

  • Published
  • 78th Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight

 Here's the bottom line: the water is safe for consumption in the areas told to boil water yesterday.

 The 78th Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight is now advising the occupants of Turner Park, the Family Campground area, and Bldgs. 1305, 1307, 1316, 1325, 1325A that they no longer need to boil water prior to consumption or usage.

Following an intense flushing of the distribution system, bacterial samples were collected and analyzed by the 78th Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight.  The results of this sampling indicate the system is now safe for consumption and usage.      

Though the water lines throughout the affected area leading to residences and facilities have been flushed, interior pipes may have residual sediment and may cause the water to appear discolored. 

Flush all lines for at least 10 minutes prior to usage to ensure the piping is clear of any remaining sediment.  For more information, contact the 78th Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight, (478)327-7555