Team Robins Quest for Zero: Focus on Heat Stress

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  • Robins Safety Office

The Team Robins Quest for Zero (Q4Z) Heat Stress Focus is simply a reminder that hot temperatures are just around the corner, so the potential for heat-related conditions can easily escalate. 

The week is designed to focus on mishap prevention and remember to be proactive about activities accomplished in the hot months ahead.

The “Heat Stress Focus Week”, April 10 through 14, will provide timely and relevant safety information to identified audiences to help prevent heat stress related mishaps, save lives and preserve our work force capability. 

We do this by raising awareness of day-to-day hazards of working or playing in extreme temperatures both on and off-duty.  Information will be provided in a range of outlets throughout the focus week to remind base personnel of the dangers of heat stress.

Commanders, directors, civilian leaders and supervisors set the safety attitude within their units and work centers by ensuring their personnel know the expectations when it comes to safety on and off the job. 

Supervisors, in particular, need to know and understand they’re accountable for the overall safety within their work centers.

During the Heat Stress Focus week, we have provided various training materials for your use to enhance your safety and health program. We strongly encourage you to use these training materials during your work center safety meetings and briefings. Information can be found at the link below on the Team Robins Safety SharePoint Site:  

Once on the site, go to "Supervisor Safety Tool Box" and the sub folder titled "3rd Quarter Heat Stress Focus FY 2017".  If you have questions related to those materials or heat stress in general, contact the 78th Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight at DSN 497-7555.

If you have trouble accessing the materials or if you have any questions, please call Kat Blakley at DSN 468-5655 or 6271.