Supervisory Refresher Course Changes announced

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The Supervisory Refresher Course was launched three years ago, and it’s time to complete the requirement again. 

The course meets a directive requiring supervisors to be complete refresher training at least once every three years. To make it easier for those needing the training, the format of the five-week course has changed. Employees now have the opportunity to complete a Supervisory Refresher Assessment that assesses supervisory knowledge and self-reported skills to meet the directive. 

Employees will complete the assessment during the first two weeks of the course, and it can be attempted multiple times. Those who achieve a score of 70 or higher on the Supervisory Skills Tool portion of the assessment, will have met refresher requirements and no further action is necessary.

However, they can voluntarily opt to attend the 20-hour class during the fifth week. Students who score below 70 are required to attend the 20-hour class in the fifth week. 

Students will be notified of their status during the third week.

For those attending the 20-hour class, they will receive orientation during the fourth week.  Orientation is a one-hour online webinar which introduces students to the webinar platform and learning management system, and provides students the opportunity to check connectivity status and address connectivity issues prior to class start. It also provides an opportunity for students to ask questions.

Students who do not achieve a score of 70 or higher will not be eligible to retake the SRA in future classes. They must proceed to the 20-hour class.  

How the course is facilitated:  

Weeks 1 and 2: Students complete the Supervisory Refresher Assessment;

Week 3: Administrative Week and students notified of status;

Week 4: Students attending 20-hour class attend a mandatory orientation webinar;

Week 5: Identified students attend instructor-facilitated  20-hour class.  

All supervisors should check their anniversary date and complete the course prior to it. There are several courses available at this time, please register through the Air University Portal.   

USAF Supervisory Refresher course

 March 13 through April 14;

 April 24 through May 26;

 July 17 through Aug. 18;

or Aug. 21 through Sept. 22.   

Editor’s note: For more information, contact Rob Powell 497-8589 or Laurie Alexander 497-7314.